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Jardines de la Reina: Goliath Grouper Paradise

Jardines de la Reina has the biggest population of Goliath Grouper (Epinephelus itajara) in the Caribbean. This endangered species has been suffering overfishing along the years, all over the gulf of Mexico and the wider Caribbean this fish has been killed for its meat, being such a big and easy target. The huge grouper has no chance against fishermen. The life cycle of this fish, together with its size, reproductive strategies and its slow growth rate, makes it very vulnerable.

In Jardines de la Reina we find these groupers everywhere and they are very friendly with the divers. Actually some of them are great friends of our dive guides, coming very close and even showing the behavior of a pet. They give us many happy moments. We are ferocious fighters when it comes to protecting our groupers, we keep strict surveillance everywhere we have these animals as they are such an easy prey for humans and they are our beloved friends.

From now on we will keep posting photos of our groupers, the ones here with us now and also the ones that have disappeared, probably because in their mating journey they found themselves in waters where our protection doesn’t reach and sadly some of them never came back.

We will keep saving these friends and keeping the Jardines de la Reina as their sanctuary, where they are save and can grow in our peaceful, absolutely healthy and untouched underwater paradise. This is our fight for now and for the years to come.


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